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  • The Lincolnshire Homeowner's Annual Assessment Fee is due April 30, 2007
    Posted on: 2007-03-30
    PAYMENT DUE APRIL 30, 2007
    Dear Lincolnshire Homeowner:

    The Lincolnshire Homeowner's Annual Assessment Fee, $100, is due April 30, 2007. Please send your payment to: Lincolnshire Homeowner's Association, PO Box 9532, Springfield, IL 62791-9532.

    Your share of the annual assessments provides for the maintenance and improvement of the subdivision. The Board approved an increase over last year’s dues at its February meeting, due to the rising costs of repair and maintenance of the fences and ditches. The increase will be set aside for capital improvements that will be needed in the near future, including replacement of the fence along Chatham Road, ongoing repair/maintenance of fence along south perimeter of the subdivision, and increased ditch cleaning/maintenance fees.

    All homeowners are required by our covenants to pay the assessment. Payment of the assessment is not optional. If you do not pay the assessment of $100 by April 30, 2007, you will also be responsible for a late fee, for a total of $200. Nonpayment after May 15, 2007, results in an assessment lien placed on your property and filed with the Sangamon County Recorder of Deeds. The Lincolnshire Homeowner's Association fee to release the lien is $275 ($200 overdue assessment plus $75 for legal and filing fees.)

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